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Project Execution & Contracting Business Unit

The company is studying the implementation of electrical work tenders for different business sectors and has a significant business precedent in the Petroleum sector, commercial, residential and administrative sectors; Where the medium and low voltage networks and the low current work for these sectors are implemented through trained and professional teams in project management contains from project managers, qualified site engineers and skilled labor; The company also has the tools and equipment that are calibrated periodically to ensure the accuracy of its work.

In addition, the company has a wide range of strong relationships with agents, distributors and major merchants in the local market to provide the best materials to finish the works with the best quality available and at the most reasonable prices; The company also is registered in the Egyptian construction and building registry, and efficiency and quality standards are applied at work.

The detailed work done within this section in the company is as follows:


Medium Voltage Services

“From Supply to Commissioning Process”

(Cables - Cable Joints - RMU - Transformers - MV Capacitor Banks)

Low Voltage Services

“From Supply to Commissioning Process”

(Cable and wires - Cable Accessories - Distribution Boards - MCC - Control Panels - ATS - MTS -Cable Tray - Cable Ladder - Cable Trunk- Lighting Fixtures - PVC Conduits - EMT Conduits - Earthing Systems - UPS - Power Stabilizers - Busways).

Light Current Services

“From Supply to Commissioning Process”

(Fire Alarm System - Sound System - CCTV System - MATV System - Telephone Analogue/IP System - Data System - Access Control System - Intuition System - Nurse Calling System - Qmatic Systems - BMS …).

Lightning Protection / Earthing Business Unit

Earthing System

Headquarter in Neumarkt - Germany

We are an authorized distributor for the German Brand “DEHN” in the field of Earthing and lightning Protection, DEHN offers components and devices for complete lightning protection systems. Components for the installation of the external lightning protection system have to meet the mechanical and electrical requirements as specified in the standard series EN62561-x. Our products are of course manufactured and tested in accordance with these relevant standards.
The detailed work done within this section in the company is as follows:

Intelligent Planning


Basic LPS de

Earthing and lightning Components

Earth-termination system design

Soil resistivity survey

The Exothermic Welding

Risk analysis according to the international standard

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